This Just In! Live at City Gardens, Poison Idea (1990)!

Don’t miss out on this piece of City Gardens History! Small crowd, huge energy.  

“Something I mentioned about 6-8 months ago has finally come out. POISON IDEA – “The Beast Goes East” – Poison Idea LIVE at City Gardens 1990. I think I’m the guy who did the cassette taping of them off the sound board – I loved Poison Idea – Not many people showed up, but I just had to book them and see them. Most of the Photos from this live album come from Ken Salerno (but not the cover picture) and Liner Notes on the back cover are from Tony Rettman. The LP is a Gatefold with a 20-Page Booklet and a Pretty Large Poster ! Not released in mass quantities so grab a copy NOW ! They’re in The Man Cave!” 

Most Photos by Ken Salerno
Liner Notes are written by Tony Rettman.
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