DECEMBER 21, 2014
Sean Murphy / Burlington County Times  September 3, 2014
Randy Now (Randy Ellis) is moving his Man Cave and Consignment Shop to its new location at 134 Farnsworth Ave. on Oct. 1 and will be reopening just in time for the Cranberry Festival on Oct. 5. Courtesy photo
BORDENTOWN CITY — The Man Cave and Consignment Shop is movingRandy Now (Randy Ellis) is moving the Man Cave and Consignment Shop to its new location at 134 Farnsworth Ave. on Oct. 1 and will be reopening just in time for the Cranberry Festival on Oct. 5.Mr. Now is widely known for booking 4,000 musical acts at the former City Gardens in Trenton. More recently, he arranged performances at the Record Collector in Bordentown and the New Hope Winery. He’s the reason why Pete Best, original drummer for the Beatles, performed in Bordentown and why Peter Tork has played downtown 11 times in recent years.He still has his hand in the local music scene, booking Steve Katz at Angie’s Family Restaurant this past weekend and the upcoming Dickies show at 7 p.m. Nov. 7 at the Open Arts Stage Theatre on Route 130 south in Bordentown. Being both a music connoisseur and a fourth generation Bordentown resident makes Randy Now’s Man Cave and Consignment Shop the place to be for chit chat.Bordentown’s Marc Cottrell said, “Randy’s been great ever since day one. He’s like the father I never had. He’s not just a guy working in a store. He’s a friend to me. I come in all the time. I help him out and he helps me out.”
Mr. Cottrell added, “This is a great store. It’s going to be even better over there (on Farnsworth Avenue).”Describing the merchandise at the Man Cave is like trying to describe the “Seinfeld” television show.”It’s a bunch of nothing in here — nothing you need to sustain your life,” Mr. Now said. “It’s just fun stuff and you leave the store with a smile.”There’s an eclectic mix of merchandise at the Man Cave. “Kit Cat Clocks” keep their eyes on the place while bobble head dolls seem to be saying, “Yes, enjoy a free bubble gum ball while browsing.”The shelves are lined with collectible action figures, T-shirts and vintage toys. Old thermometers from the 40s and 50s, including an antique enamel Ex Lax temperature piece, adorn the walls.For the back-to-cool crowd, there are Danzig and Misfits notebooks and other school supplies. There’s even a “Leave It To Beaver” board game.With his lengthy career in concert promoting, it’s no surprise that Mr. Now sells vinyl records at the Man Cave. What most people might not know is that he sells a lot of other stuff that can be found locally but not with his twist.Customers can buy soda in a number of different shops and eateries along Farnsworth Avenue but they can only purchase “Dog Drool,” “Kitty Piddle,” “Mr. Q. Cumber,” “Bacon Soda,” “Ranch Dressing Soda” and “Chicken Wing Soda” at the Man Cave. As much as Mr. Now is a connoisseur of music, he is a connoisseur of pop. He has a traditional collection of soda in glass bottles as well as crazy and unique flavors.The city has a lot of places to buy sweet treats, but customers will only see Andy Warhol chocolate, “Crazy Cat Lady” candy, beef jerky milk chocolate bars and bacon jelly beans at the Man Cave.And, while he may not be the only record store in town, his shop and the Record Collector are at “two different ends of the spectrum,” he said.”They’re more R&B and mainstream,” Mr. Now said. “I’m more punk rock and heavy metal.”He does admit the “consignment” part of his shop’s name is a little misleading, making it seem like a sports store or men’s clothing shop when it really is “a pop culture mecca.”And, don’t let the name fool you twice. The Man Cave actually draws more female clientele than male. When he chose the name he guessed 60 percent of his customers would be men and the rest women. In actuality, he caters to 55 percent women and 45 percent men. With the move to the new storefront, he’s even considering sectioning “a lady cave” off to please his best customers.”I can’t wait to get on Farnsworth and see what happens,” Mr. Now said.When asked what’s right about Farnsworth Avenue for his business, Mr. Now said he looks forward to more foot traffic and more people poking their head through his door than he’s used to on Park Street. He plans to keep longer hours when he moves to the strip and will be open on Sunday.Many people drive up and down the turnpike without knowing what’s off Exit 7, he said. That’s why he heavily promotes the Farnsworth Avenue scene as the jewel and oasis that he knows it is. In his spare time, he continues to arrange musical acts to perform at local venues and spends time with his wife and their two dogs and three cats. A musical family, his wife sings for the Boston Pops and two of his felines are named after the famed punk couple Sid and Nancy. To learn more about Mr. Now’s long career as a concert promoter, stay tuned for “Riot on the Dance Floor: The Story of Randy Now & City Gardens,” a film about his booking bands like Nirvana, Green Day and the Ramones for the famed nightclub. The film will be released this year and features Ian MacKaye, Jon Stewart and more entertainers who performed there. For more information about the film, visit more information about Randy Now’s Man Cave and Consignment Shop, visit



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THE MAN CAVE ADVERTISEMENT ON TOWN & COUNTRY DINER’S PLACEMATS ! Mention To Your Waiter or Waitress The Man Cave & Also To The Cashier / Management Upon Paying Your Bill ! THANKS !



Sorry it’s been a while since I blogged about town.  I’ve had a busy summer to say the least and finally have a moment to get back on the Buzz.

We were  excited because we were heading immediately to Randy’s ManCave to pick up presents for John, my hubbie, for his 40th birthday.  We all LOVE the ManCave and I especially love that it’s a great place to buy the perfect, kitschy, fun, and original gift for not only the man in your life but for anyone who loves things you can’t find anywhere else.  Moreover, it made my life easier as we could run in and then be home in literally two minutes.


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