It’s a crazy World right now. Who would have thought this would happen to us (US) in the year 2020.  The State of NJ has decided to close down all non-essential businesses. Well, that’s US ! No clue when we will be able to reopen. It has been since March 14, 2020 and I type this almost Midnight Friday May 1, 2020. We have also had to cancel everyone of our live concert events. All bands shows ( and their own tours) are postponed (Not cancelled). Every show will be making up their date here at The Man Cave and all their other tour dates. Looks like Summer 2020.  

With us not being able to open our doors, our only sales are down to a few on-line sales. I never pushed the on-line route – I wanted you to visit a real brick and mortar building / record store (and intimate concert space)  So my on line presence is a little weak. But everyday I try and list as many items as I can on line. 


 This thread is asking for donations directly to Randy Now’s Man Cave. If I’ve ever turned you on to a new cool  band or a certain album; if I’ve brought an artist for you to see here in the intimacy of The Man Cave (2012 – Current) or back at City Gardens (1979 – 1996)  or The Record Collector (2005 –  2011… Here’s your chance to help out.  Until we can open the doors and also start up live concerts again, we are in the dangerous mode of losing the store. 


Let’s Do This !  And  From The Bottom Of My Toes to the top of my bald head I say Thank You ! We Love Turning People On To New Things. Please donate today. The Man Cave is a Treasure ! And YOU Love it !!!!  — 



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